Not all installations can be neatly categorized. Whether you need to retrofit a floating museum or merge a shopping mall with a casino, you know best what will define the success of your project. We are particularly skilled in discovering everything it takes to make your complex—whatever it comprises—operate at its peak.
  • Houston's Lakewood Church is America's largest non-denominational church, with multiple services that pack in tens of thousands of worshipers each week and are broadcast to millions of viewers in every U.S. market and in 150 countries.​

  • ImaginOn: The Joe & Joan Martin Center is an entirely new type of facility that takes an innovative approach to education, learning and the arts—a collaboration of the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County and the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.​

  • After 1985, as the NBA team Utah Jazz started seeing success and fan attendance increased, the team outgrew its original arena, and the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies made the decision to build a new one.​