Ascent Compass

Every journey in the right direction starts with a compass.

Leading Alerton’s Ascent product line, Compass building management software delivers powerful, yet intuitive tools for controlling and monitoring even the most complex buildings. Industry standard BACnet protocols provide the flexibility to integrate with existing building systems, allowing building operators to control and optimize their buildings in one convenient, easy to use interface.

VERSION 1.6.4, with the industry’s first and only capability to connect over BACnet/IPv4 and BACnet/IPv6 is now available, contact your dealer today for a demonstration.

Compass Highlights:


    • Ability to communicate via BACnet/IPv4 and BACnet/IPv6. Prepare your facility today with the only BMS that can simultaneously control points over either protocol
    • Integrate with existing building systems to create a single management tool for the entire building


    • ​​​​Summary Page - View status and update values for multiple points
    • Alarm Manager – Create, monitor, and alert users when issues arise
    • Navigation tree – Traverse the facility easily via an intuitive structure
    • Graphics – create stunning visual representations with VisualLogic
    • Scheduling – Create and manage schdules to optimize efficiency and proactively plan for holidays, office shutdowns, and more
    • Optimum Start – Increase efficiency and occupant comfort by eliminating rapid heating / cooling ramps during schedule driven setpoint changes
    • Demand Limiting – Meter activity based on load priority
    • Data – Track device activity, energy usage, and more with logging, auto-archiving, and reporting tools


    • Web Based - Manage the building anywhere / anytime via a browser, including mobile
    • Secure – Permission based access, including LDAP integration for managing user authentication

Product Details Available In This Compass 1.6.4 Data Sheet

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